Weekend Escape to Romantic Sochi

Its weekend, and I am in Sochi. I have been to Sochi several times in the past. Just because Sochi is extremely romantic and perhaps the most attractive place in Russia. This time I am here for one more reason. To celebrate the birthday of my best friend. Yes, I love to travel and try to do it as much as i can. So I never miss a chance to travel.

Take off from Moscow

We, myself and two other friends started from Moscow from the Vnukovo International Airport in the evening of 7th September, Friday after work. We were flying by Aeroflot Russian Airlines. I think every airlines have a regular flight to Sochi from Moscow. The average price of a one way economy flight ticket is 5000 ₽ (Russian Rubles) but its possible to find cheaper options sometimes depends on the season. You can find the routes and timings of flights at best prices here. It took around 2 hours to reach Sochi. It was a calm and low crowded evening in both the airports and we enjoyed the flight especially on top of Sochi, watching the beauty of Sochi in the night lights.

[blockquote align=”none” author=”Henry Miller”]One’s destination is never a place, but always a new way of seeing things[/blockquote]

Romantic Sochi, Here we are !

September is usually very warm (temperature of 27+ degrees on average), but it may rain heavily sometimes. It happened during our trip this weekend. On such occasions it could be difficult to have a beach holiday, but you can always opt for a mountain hiking holiday. There was enough rain and we straightaway opted for hiking on the mighty mountains of Sochi.

We used the car sharing option for transportation which is well developed and not that expensive. But the railway system is very good there and is also a great option. It will take 30 minutes of journey to get from the seaside to the mountains by train.

Roaming around Adler

As for Accommodation, most tourists choose Adler – a suburb of Sochi, where accommodation options are cheaper and more various, but if you want to live with the higher standard of services and facilities, you may opt for some good hotels in the city. You can find great hotels at best prices here. The Olympic village, where the 2014 Winter Olympics was held, is a very popular destination and is within the walking distance from the center of Adler.

There is a lot of recreational and refreshment options in the center of Adler. You can spend the whole day there exploring the wide variety of cafes and restaurants or get some rides on bikes, scooters and wave boards which are available for hourly rentals, or you can have fun at amusement park.

We returned in the evening of Sunday to Moscow, having a great weekend in the leisure capital of Russia, with a whisper in mind to get back here soon. Sochi is always an attention seeker.

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