How to Travel Safely During Coronavirus Pandemic


The Coronavirus COVID-19 has affected 212 countries and territories around the world and 2 international conveyances so far. It has infected over 4 million people across the globe and marked over 275,000 deaths. The world is facing an unprecedented situation of emergency due to the spike in Coronavirus cases and it require unprecedented actions from the humankind in-order to tackle the virus. Traveling during the Coronavirus crisis is like a walk on an old hanging bridge.

World was moving with certain plans. everyone made their own plans including travel plans for the spring and summer, but Coronavirus had some other plans. People got little time to re-think or re-schedule their plans though re-scheduling seems to be an uncertain task in this war front. With the Coronavirus outbreak, the world has left with just one single option – Lock down. World came to a standstill and many stuck at different parts of the world with little or no mobility.

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Many of us needed to travel back home from our workplace cities, many people stranded in the place where they spent their last vacation, many others stuck at their relative homes while visiting them. Traveling back to home has suddenly became the toughest travel plan and hurdle for many.


Travel safely during the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic

Since social distancing is currently the most effective way of breaking the chain of virus, at the best of your ability you should stay safe and try to avoid traveling during the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic. If you are having unavoidable circumstances of traveling, then you should do it safely. Here are some important travel safety tips to travel safely during the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic.


Prepare for the journey well in advance

You should give yourself enough time to prepare for the travel. As always, early preparations allow you the room to breath and bring confidence throughout the trip. You can figure out your travel plan without rushing off.


Must keep these things in your handbag

Difficult situation needs tough actions. Never forget to keep these things handy throughout your journey:

  • Face mask
  • Gloves
  • Disinfectant wipes
  • Small bottle of alcohol-based hand sanitizer

In addition, try to include your own light food and refreshments in your travel plan, this will help you avoid depending on publicly served foods onboard a flight or train.


Purchase your travel tickets online

Almost all travel tickets are available online and you should strictly avoid buying it by queuing upon a ticket counter or by visiting a travel agency office. Try to book a window seat in the front side of a plane. I highly recommend you to purchase a cheap but good travel insurance online. A travel insurance will considerably reduce the risk of traveling during the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic.  A travel ticket and travel insurance can be purchased online using your credit card, debit card or online banking service.


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Get your safety gears on

Before you step out of your shelter you need to ensure that all your safety gears are on. Strictly wear face mask and gloves at all times. Make sure you wear it appropriately.

Wear face mask and gloves appropriately


Watch the video demonstrating the proper wearing of mask and gloves


Strict adherence of social distancing

Avoid close contact with people. Keep a safe distance of at least two metres. Stay safely away from sick people.

Maintain social distancing of at least 2 meters


Changed public infrastructure to tackle Coronavirus COVID-19

Many airports, train and bus stations have made social distancing  and frequent sanitation mandatory. Strictly follow the instructions from authorities. Many airport check points and lounges have been closed. So make sure you check to see which ones are available. All airport toilets are well maintained and sanitized, you may use such properly sanitized toilets before a flight. Do not forget to wash your hands with soap and water thoroughly, whenever possible. Wipe seats with disinfectant wipes before getting seated. Avoid touching surfaces and use your hand sanitizer often.



Changes made onboard by Airlines

Many airlines have been practicing social distancing, increased sanitation and cleaning onboard. Many airlines have left out the middle seat from selling to follow the social distancing. Though there are cleaning wipes and hand sanitizers provided onboard to passengers, some encourage customers to bring their own cleaning products as well to make them feel more comfortable and at ease. If you are worried about hand sanitizer, the Transportation Security Administration has made an exception to the liquids rule and is now allowing one bottle of 12-ounce alcohol-based hand sanitizer per passenger.

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Here is how Emirates Airlines cleaning aircraft during Coronavirus crisis


Stay comfortable in your seat onboard

As sooner you are onboard, use your disinfectant wipes to wipe your seat, arm-rest and head-rest before getting seated. Turn on the air vent. Avoid using flight toilets as much as possible, as it prevents you from contracting virus due to your movement inside the plane or a poorly sanitized flight toilet. Avoid interactions onboard as much as possible including with cabin crew.



Never rush to leave the plane upon touchdown 

This is a usual habit for air passengers to rush towards the flight exit immediately after landing a plane, thinking about meeting family, friends or colleagues outside the airport, but not this time. Now you should give more priority to your health than your time and excitement. Stay calm at your seat until your front seat passengers leave from their seat. Give way to those behind you who are in a hurry. You may use disinfectant wipes to wipe your hand baggage after collecting from the baggage cabinets.

Maintain proper social distancing until you are back home. Now stay home, Stay Safe. Have a ‘Safest Journey’!

Bonus tip: Be yourself personally equipped as much for your needs, this is the most important travel safety tip to minimize interaction with people and avoid passive contracting of virus. For example avoid using public ticket kiosks, public hand sanitizer etc.

Watch the quick demonstration video

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