Covid-19 to impact 29 lakh jobs in Indian aviation and dependent sectors: IATA

As per the latest report by the Worldwide Air Transport Affiliation (IATA), the Covid-19 disaster is anticipated to affect over 29 lakh (2,932,900 to be exact) jobs in India’s aviation sector.

A 47 per cent decline within the passenger traffic has been seen in India amid the pandemic disaster. The impact on airways’ income could be US$ 11.221 billion, indicating a fall in passenger income in comparison with 2019.

The IATA report reveals that airlines within the Asia Pacific area will see the biggest income drop of US$ 113 billion and a 50 per cent fall in passenger demand in 2020 in comparison with last year.

Conrad Clifford, IATA’s regional vice president, Asia Pacific has recognized India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, the Philippines, Republic of Korea, Sri Lanka and Thailand as precedence nations that have to take action.

“Providing support for airlines has a broader economic implication. Jobs across many sectors will be impacted if airlines do not survive the Covid-19 crisis. Every airline job supports another 24 in the travel and tourism value chain. In the Asia Pacific, 11.2 million jobs are at risk, including those that are dependent on the aviation industry, such as travel and tourism,” mentioned Clifford.

IATA is asking for a mix of direct monetary help, loans, mortgage ensures and help for the company bond market and tax reduction to comprise the state of affairs.

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